Résumé - James Cook


(upcoming) January 2020-April 2020: Sessional instructor

I'll be teaching CSC240 at the University of Toronto.

October 2014-October 2019: Software engineer at Google.

May 2017: promoted to Senior Software Engineer. Features I helped make:

Summer 2014: Taught CS70 at UC Berkeley

Introductory theory course that Berkeley CS students are required to take. I taught it the summer after finishing my PhD. (Also: teaching assistant several times at UC Berkeley.)


Undergraduate Research:



Programming Fun

Technical Skills

My education was mostly in math and theoretical computer science. My work at Google is mostly C++ programming. I'm a bit familiar with a bunch of other languages (e.g. Haskell, Python, Bash, Javascript). I'm comfortable with Linux and similar systems, e.g. I run Linux at home, occasionally contribute to the NixOS Linux distribution, and used to run FreeBSD and play with Plan 9.

Awards and Competitions

Other Stuff

I learned French for seven years in elementary school, and Mandarin for two years at UC Berkeley.

Contact Information

E-Mail: jcook@eecs.berkeley.edu; Phone: 510-221-7496; Website: http://www.falsifian.org/
References available upon request.

I am a dual citizen of Canada and the United states.